We are committed to inspiring, connecting, showcasing and developing talent in male-dominated environments & professions.



The next generation to smash preconceptions and prejudices, raising the curtain on a new era in which daring to do something different is praised and encouraged



Girls and young women who have dared to be different and are willing to spark change



Those who have dared to be different and are role models of change



When I decided to hang up my helmet I also decided I wanted to give something back. I called Rob Jones at the MSA who immediately had the same enthusiasm and passion. We very quickly put a great team together and Dare to be Different was born.

Our sport is performance based so gender is irrelevant. The opportunities are out there and with Dare to be Different we want to inspire and drive female talent to make sure in the long term our sport is more diverse.



PROFESSION: Chief Executive Motor Sports Association

“The great thing about motorsport is that it offers everyone the chance to compete together on a level playing field, regardless of their age or gender. And for those who don’t want to compete there are so many other ways to get involved, whatever your budget or ambitions – there really is something for everyone and that’s why the MSA is delighted to team up with Susie Wolff for this exciting new campaign to increase female engagement in our sport. What are you waiting for? The time is now – join the community and Dare to be Different!”